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VIBES Marketing & Services established an Engineering Consultancy Division concentrating on machine tools, cutting technology, machinery selection, productivity improvement etc. With committed service quality and growth in volume, we are the most preferred Industrial Product Distributor of the State.

Some of the manufacturers we represent are listed below.


Sandvik Coromant is the world's leading producer of tools for turning, milling, drilling with head quotes at Sandviken at Sweden, operating in 60 countries in world wide, engaged in the manufacture of world class metal cutting tools for metal working industries with more than 25,000 products.

The customer profile include world's major automotive & aero space industries, die & mold industries and general engineering industries, who benefits from our various programmes to help them to recognise what is best in their production requirement and pin point areas that need improvements.

Carbide Cutting Tools used in Metal Cutting Industries like Turning, Milling, Boring, Drilling etc.
~ Turning Tool Holders & Inserts (Carbide, PCD & CBN)
~ Milling Tool Holders & Inserts (Carbide, PCD & CBN)
~ Boring Tool Holders & Inserts (Carbide, PCD & CBN)
~ Drilling Tool Holders & Inserts (Carbide)
~ Solid Carbide Drills
~ Solid Carbide Endmills
~ Brazed Tools & Carbide Tips
~ Tool Holding Systems etc.


A European company, engaged in the manufacture of world class HSS & Carbide Tools for metal working industries.

HSS & Carbide Tools used in Metal Cutting Industries.
~ HSS & Carbide Drills
~ HSS & Carbide Taps
~ HSS & Carbide Reamer & Expansion Reamers
~ HSS & Carbide Endmills, Milling Cutters
~ HSS Dies and Die Stocks
~ HSS Tool Bits etc.


A division of Zenith Birla (India) Ltd, belongs to the Yash Birla Group pioneered in the year 1937, the manufacture of HSS Cutting Tools in India.

The ITM product popularly known as "Dagger Brand" made from the finest HSS and conforming to stringent international standards are now exported to the European and American markets.

HSS Tools used in Metal Cutting Industries.
~ HSS Drills
~ HSS Taps
~ HSS Reamer
~ HSS Endmills & Milling Cutters
~ HSS Tool Bits
~ Engineers' Files etc
~ Tool holders for CNC Machining Centres

ACE Micromatic Group

The largest machine tool manufacturer in India engaged in the production of machining centre  CNC turning centres, CNC grinding centres.

Machining Centres ,CNC Lathes,CNC Grinding Machines

90 years old German Company engaged in the manufacturer of Machine Tool Accessories.

Machine Tool Accessories.
~ Tool Holding Systems
~ Lathe Chucks & Revolving Tail Stock Centres
~ Precision Machine Vices
~ Power Chucks & Cylinders
~ Steady Rest & Driven Tool Holders


A major Indian manufacturer of Tool Holding Systems.


A German manufactures of hand tool.


A division of SNAP ON TOOLS, one of the world class manufacturers of Metal Cutting Saws.

Metal Cutting Saws.
~ Bi-Metal & HSS Power Hacksaw Blades
~ Bi-Metal & HSS Hand Hacksaw Blades (Kron & Sandflex Brand)
~ Band saw Blades etc.

 An Indian Manufacures of Chucks
GMT - Guindy Machine Tools

An Indian manufactures of cast iron and Granite surface plates,...etc.

Cables & Cables Carriers
Specializes in mist coolant based gun drilling and deep hole drilling systems.

Measuring Instruments.

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